Home Warranty

I remember when I was buying my house in Sioux City and my dad asked me if they were throwing in a home warranty. I kind of laughed inside because I always found home warranty companies a joke. We had one on our first house and I remember we had sink issues and they wanted some crazy amount just to look at it. We never got it fixed.

Now we are renting and the landlord has a home warranty. The dishwasher has had issues for a while because a piece came loose. I paid $65 for someone to come out for a service call, and he said a part could not be ordered. He would need to contact the home warranty company to see if they would replace it. Right then, I knew we would have issues. This is not a manufacturer warranty, and companies like this will do ANYTHING to avoid paying a big chunk of change to replace something. In this case, the company is Sensible Home Warranty. You would think with a name like that, no issues….right? Ha.

I called them earlier in the week and had to explain the situation at least twice to the same guy while being put on hold 2-3 times. Finally, he tells me his manager will call me right back. Previously, I told him they had the wrong number on file for me and I need to give him a new one. But when he told me the manager would call back, he never asked for my number. I reminded him, gave it to him, he read it back…..and then hung up. No goodbye. Nothing. I never got a call back.

I don’t know if the landlord was contacted, as he is fairly non-responsive too, having successfully avoided my question regarding the association fee twice now, which was put in an e-mail with other information. I have also tried the repair man himself, who said he is waiting on a call back. I am sure he is in no hurry, but I am going to keep bugging him to follow-up.

I just called a little while ago and left a message. The lady told me someone would call back in 6 hours. Though I told her the landlord’s name was Joe and that I am not the landlord, she kept calling me Joe. I did not correct her. It would help if I had a policy number. I just want this darn dishwasher back to normal.

“You want….dis?” Inside joke. Sorry.


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