Goodbye, Weekend

To think this was a 3-day weekend. Yuck. Last night when Julie was driving back from Charlottle, I got a call from her while at the grocery store. She was in a car accident. Just when I thought things stunk enough. Apparently she was trying to change lanes, the car in front of her stopped, and she didn’t see it in time. She pounded their car, and their car hit the truck in front of them. Her fault and damage to the van on the grill and fender. Luckily, no one was hurt, though she said Grace bonked her nose on the seat in front of her. They had stopped to get Roman ice cream, because Julie promised him. Most expensive ice cream stop ever. And she still had another hour to drive home.

Today started with church, and we had to get there early because Grace was singing in the choir. Even though we were there about 40 minutes early, I couldn’t see her well at all. Some dude saved about two rows of seats in the front. I was agitated, because his guests didn’t show up until after mass started. Or at least most of them.

When we got home, we hid eggs in the yard for Roman and Grace to find. The “golden egg” contained $5, and for awhile no one found it. But when I said it was in the back half of the yard, Grace walked RIGHT to it, though I had it hidden pretty well. Was she watching from her upstairs window? She will never say.

The rest of the day FLEW by. We are around 4pm. I went up to read around 5pm, and fell asleep after 3 pages. Woke up at 7pm, went for a walk, then watched the highly mediocre “Green Lantern.” What a weekend!

Awesome, I think the mosquito at my desk earlier today is still here. Scratching time.

Oh wow….and how did I almost forgot my scratchy throat?? I ate Lucky Charms this morning, and I believe some of that marshmallow dust went somewhere in my throat it shouldn’t. I coughed pretty vigorously at first. And though I am not coughing now, my throat has never been the same since.


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