House Hunting Again

Today we started early and did some house hunting. However, we came up short. There’s not much inventory out there and if anything worthwhile comes on to the market, it doesn’t last long. Originally, we sent 7 homes to our realtor, but three were already under contract.

The first home we were looked at was having an open house later in the day, so when we arrived, she was vacuuming, probably getting ready for it. If I was having an open house, I would probably just tell my realtor to have people come by then, so I am surprised she let us in. It was certainly a unique house. It’s decor, which featured New Yorker magazine covers on the bathroom walls and a ginormous koi pond in the backyard, was hard to look past. We base everything against our present house, and this was just not enough of an upgrade.

The second house had plenty of space and was in a really nice (almost elitist) neighborhood. i think that is what bugged me a little. Because of it’s “space”, taxes are high on it. It has some worn parts to it, but was definitely the best house of the day. But I was very disappointed in the backyard. There wasn’t a single plus to it, other than maybe the fact it was fenced. It was going to need a lot of work.

The third house was very tight. VERY tight. I thin the pictures they had online were taken with the kind of lens that distorts it just enough to make it look bigger. The fourth house was not what was advertised. It was supposed to have 4 bedrooms, but only had 3. Instead, in the basement, there was a sign saying “this area could be made into a 4th bedroom.” Uhhhh, OK…..but wouldn’t that change the price. The price was already crazy low. It was a cute house, but not enough living space or bedrooms.

We looked at one more house that really wasn’t up for sale. Rather, our realtor is TRYING to get the lady to sell the house. Therefore, it wasn’t quite ready to show, but I have seen worse and they WERE up for sale. The downstairs had the space and a great kitchen area. The upstairs was a different story: the bathrooms needed big-time updates and it seemed like there was wasted hallway space. Also, the kitchen had linoleum throughout, and we haven’t seen that in some time.

I just wish we could find a happy medium. Seems like the homes are at either end of our price range but never in the middle. If we could hit that one in the middle, I think we might have a better change of finding the right house. I need to do some math and figure out if the “nice one” is something we can afford. I am tired of having all our money tied up in a house. We argue about this, but I don’t want the biggest house….I want the best value in a great neighborhood. Is that too much to ask for?


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