People talk about bullying all the time and there’s even a mainstream movie out about it, but what about dog bullying? Julie claims Biscuit is a bully. Grace took him for a walk today with the neighbor and apparently they came upon a small dog and Biscuit “attacked” it. I don’t think he really attacked it, but most likely he did go up to it and bark, or just cause chaos trying to get to it. While Julie and I were taking the van over to the collision center, this neighbor showed up at our door, wanting to speak to one of us. The message she passed on was that we were not to let Grace walk the dog anymore, which is a promise we will certainly keep. Grace just can’t handle him. I believe this neighbor stands at the end of the drive, which means you have to pass, but obviously Grace could have walked out further. But could the neighbor not have ducked out of the way when she saw Grace coming?

Either way, we are getting a reputation for having a bully dog (that can’t stay in the yard either!). That’s not Biscuit at all, but I am sure he’s getting a bad name. Now I don’t even want to take him out on a walk because if I see the lady I will apologize, but I am not sure how much she will be accepting. And if she keeps on, well, she might be getting a piece of my mind, which won’t be good.


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