Blockbuster Express striking out

It’s probably been about a year since I bought a Groupon for $5 worth of movie rentals from Blockbuster Express for $2.50. Or was it $2? I don’t exactly remember. But the way it worked was I got 5 codes to use and they don’t expire until sometime in 2013. I recall trying the first code many months ago and it didn’t work, or else I input it and went back to another screen and tried it again. I found out that once they are input and you change your mind and want to use a different code, then it’s too bad. You lost the code for good.

I called Blockbuster Express last weekend to complain about a measly dollar they overcharged. You know how sometimes when you buy gas and a charge appears in your online statement for $1? Well, Blockbuster does this as well. Even though you are not technically charged until you return the movie, they place a dollar debit in your account. It’s not supposed to clear. Mine did, as well as the regular charge. The customer service person made it sound like it happens quite a bit. I am supposed to call if it happens again. Who wants to call over a single dollar, or $2 if you don’t get a $1 rental? And I think they might even have $3 rentals! What a mess.

I won’t be renting from them anymore and here is why. I told them about the Groupon issue, and they were nice enough to send me two new codes. I choose a movie on Friday at the kiosk and then I put in the code the rep sent me and… discount. The machine said I was entering an invalid code. I entered it more than once….double-checked it….triple-checked it. Nothing. I backed out of the whole thing mad as hell. Today I wrote them to tell them about the issue. I haven’t heard anything back yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear nothing considering I told them I was done with them and would only use Redbox.

It just seems that this couldn’t only be happening to me, and if it is happening to others, you can bet they won’t be around much longer. I always like having some competition, but not if it’s totally lame.


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