Climbing Kennesaw Mountain

Julie, Grace, Grace’s friend Ellie, and myself took a trip out to Kennesaw Mountain National Park and climbed a trail to the top. Talk about grueling. My legs weren’t quite up to the task and I was worried they would end up stiff again, like after the time I tried training for stair climbing in Chicago. It was really only slightly worse than climbing Amicolola Falls. And to think we almost took a van to the top. How pathetic. There were really no issues, other than both Ellie and Julie slipped going down. Ellie was fine, but Julie scraped her knee up pretty good.

Afterwards, we went over Sam’s for the first time and found out that our business membership (through my dad) worked fine. But we only had about 30 minutes to shop. We bought a lot of meat and granola bars, and we were back at the house around 6:30pm. A full day.


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