A Day of Miscommunication

It started Friday with me rushing home to pick up Mitchell and bring him up to his band concert, only to find out he had gotten a ride when I called with 5 minutes left on the commute. Then there was Max leaving before dinner to go to his friend’s house, and rather then tell us, he sends a text while on his way. He missed out on salmon for a Tombstone pizza. The nerve!

It got worse when Mitchell didn’t go to her conference the next day because he thought it was 6am. No idea what gave him that idea. The problem is everyone is so vague about dates and times that it’s driving me up a wall! Isn’t that the most important part of communication when talking about an event? I don’t get it.

Tonight Mitchell went to a pool party for fencing and Max went to a bonfire to meet the other people he will be attending prom with. We got to meet the parents of the host, and it was very nice.