Back to the SMG

Tonight we had to use our Groupons to the Studio Movie Grill before they expired. We actually had until tomorrow, but there were already plans for Thursday. The selection wasn’t too great, and “The Hunger Games” was clearly the winner. I did not want to arrive really close to the starting time because I figured others were also using their Groupons, just like last time. And if we didn’t make the chosen movie, we might end up in “The Lucky One.” No thanks!

We arrived 20 minutes early and we were fine. In fact, we got great seats right in the middle. If only the movie matched the seats. I thought HG was VERY average and didn’t do a great job of explaining many of the characters. The action was pedestrian and shot poorly. There just wasn’t much to it. And to think….didn’t this set some box office record? Yikes.

In other news, Melke Cabrerra screwed up my “Beat the Streak” streak at Darn.


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