Mother’s Day Gift Ruined

Earlier in the week I was looking through a magazine of activities going on in the Atlanta area. It’s really just a big ad for concerts, etc. and is put out regularly as a free publication aimed at people half my age. Every city has one. My eyes bugged out when I came upon a show called “Pickin’ Atlanta with Mike Wolfe” at the Cobb Energy Center on May 10th. My wife LOVES the show American Pickers on the History Channel. I think it’s OK, but when I have seen one or two I feel like I have seen them all. I prefer the type of items they show on “Pawn Stars”.

I really had no idea what this live show was going to be like, but I thought it would be unique. I bought tickets for the two of us and one more for us to bring a kid, which was most likely going to be Grace or Roman since they watch it with her from time to time. I planned to tell her about it on Wednesday, but got so busy that I never was able to print out the tickets. So on Friday when I arrived home from work, I just showed her the ad in the magazine which first alerted me to the show. She seemed somewhat happy about it, but kept saying it was a show she liked on TV and wasn’t sure what the stage show was going to be like. Was she supposed to bring something for him to appraise? Doubtful. The guy is charismatic, so perhaps he was going to do comedy. No clue.

Little did I know that I had received an e-mail from “Notification” on Thursday night at 11pm that the show had been canceled due to “personal obligations.” I don’t go through my personal mail as often as I used to since I get so much junk. Personal obligation….or was it poor ticket sales? Who knows. So shortly after I told her the news that we were going, I had to tell her we WEREN’T going. However, this leaves the door open for the garden show we didn’t do last year, assuming they are even having it. Back to the drawing board.


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