It all started Friday when I went next door to see where Julie was, who went to get Grace. I found her talking to the neighbors on the front porch and before I knew it I was talking with them too. After about an hour or so, Julie made a rather sudden exit, and I just assumed she was coming back. She never did. Two beers later, I found it was getting late to the tune of 11:30pm and here was Grace still playing out in their front lawn. Time to go back home.

At 4am this morning, I woke up with a tremendous headache. Hangover? That’s what Julie says. I think it was just me in a weird sleeping position, depriving my brain of oxygen. Nothing like slow brain damage.

Most of the day was spent visiting more people as we went to a band pool party (which had much fewer people then last year) and I also had to take Max to another pool party with his prom group. I finally got back to the house around 4pm, only to work on something for my employer. Good times.


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