College Time

We met with the landlord(s) today about whether or not we are going to buy the house and have agreed to wait until the end of the month. But we also talked a lot about colleges. They have two kids at Georgia Tech. Actually, one just graduated. But when their son was picking a college, he looked at a lot of options as he was trying to weigh both the merits of a football school and one with a good academic profile. It kind of stressed us out listening to all the college visits the mother made. We haven’t made any yet, but last night we finally started a spreadsheet since our son is not doing a darn thing. I talked to him a little about it in the car on our way back from getting his tux for prom (racket!), and all he had to say was, “UGA and Georgia Tech” sound good. And both ARE good, but I feel like he needs to do more looking than I ever did.

My parents never really did much in the way of directing me to a college. Well, that’s not entirely true. My dad did want me to join ROTC so they would pay for it and then said I could go anywhere. He also keep looking at a school called Northeast Missouri State. Or was it Southeast? I don’t know as I really never considered it or ANY school in Missouri. When a scholarship came from Kansas State, I just said, “OK”. As a Top 10 student at my school (we didn’t have one valedictorian), I probably owed it to myself to look at other options. I sure as heck wasn’t getting any advice from our guidance counselor, who is legendary for spending most of his time with one of the students in our class…..but not to give out verbal guidance, if you know what I mean.

Such is life and there’s not much I can do about it now. But I have four kids that will be counting on me to help out, and I will do my best.


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