Why Watch Shows?

Tonight I learned that two shows I was watching regularly, “Ringer” and “The Firm”, have been canceled. There’s really no point in watching TV shows in their first season because they might get canceled. I have 4 episodes of “Ringer” I haven’t even watched. Guess I won’t bother.

Mitchell had his final concert of the season. It’s called “Concert in the Park”, but it was more like Concert in the Parking Lot since it took place in the back of the Pope parking lot.

Grace and her friend Ellie are sleeping in the tree house tonight. Roman, in turn, is sleeping on the couch in the living room and Julie plans to sleep on the couch in the family room.

We were alarmed to find out Max walked home from his friend Grace’s home right before midnight, but even worse is I found out she was walking back to her home alone after getting him all the way to our house. Julie hopped in the car and drove her the rest of the way, with Max in tow.

I haven’t gotten my mower back yet. The dude tells me tomorrow, but do I really want to drive down to the city on a Saturday to get it? Closed Monday. Decisions.

Finally, the streak has ended. Back to zero.


One thought on “Why Watch Shows?

  1. Reed97

    TV’s always been more business than art. They want you to keep coming back for more, very often to the detriment of their own storylines and character development. Then, when not enough of the masses agree with you, they take it away. I’ve been watching the Arrested Development DVDs with my wife recently. We’re reaching the end, and her main takeaway was “how could they have canceled this show???”This whole thing is part of why I prefer movies.


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