Prom Night

No, this isn’t a post about the movie “Prom Night”. Max had his prom tonight. First, we had to go pick up his tux this morning. That didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. Turns out they gave Max a regular tie with the tux instead of a bow tie. And I knew he had his heart set on a bow tie. I complained, and someone at the store ran across the street for a bow tie. Yep….there was another Men’s Wearhouse (that I believe did tux rental only) across the street.

Julie had been hounding him constantly for information as to where they were going, at one time, etc. I don’t think Max really had it figured out himself. All we knew is we were supposed to meet between 4:15 and 4:30 at someone’s house. Julie and I had some errands to run and we got back to the house around 3pm. She wanted to nap, and I felt tired but wanted to read. Instead, I kind of dozed off and woke up at 4pm. No worries….as I am not needing to get dressed up. But then I checked Max’s room and he wasn’t in it and the tux was still in the bag. That darn computer game. Sure enough, I found him playing it and he thought I was supposed to tell him to get dressed. I think he’s old enough to figure that out on his own.

After turning around once to get the corsage (we ultimately forgot the cuff links), we arrived a bit late. No big deal. Not even sure why we went there as we later went down to Barrington Park and took a SLEW of pictures. Very nice setting and it looked like a good group of kids. They had a chartered bus waiting to take them to dinner and prom at the Fox Theater! Not a bad venue at all. I can’t even remember where ours was.

Tonight he is staying over at a house where the boys and girls are sleeping on different floors. I doubt he even brought clothes to sleep in.


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