Mother’s Day Extravaganza

While I may not have been able to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to my own mother today, and though I wasn’t able to make another move in a game of Words With Friends with my wife (because I beat her last night….again), it was still a jam-packed day. It started with Grace and Roman, without my help, making breakfast in bed for Julie. They did a fantastic job! Mitchell slept through it and Max was still at the prom party house.

I had to go pick Max up at 10:30, and though I had just looked at the e-mail an hour earlier, somehow I deleted the e-mail that had the host’s address and phone number. I tried calling Max and he did not pick up. I finally got into Julie’s e-mail and headed out the door….late once again. As I am approaching the house, I see a white truck belonging to his date passing me. I then get a call saying he is getting a ride from her. When we get home, both Julie and I ask him why he didn’t tell us he was getting a ride. “Let me worry about that,” he replies. Huh?!? Will this kid EVER get it?

At this time, it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Just awful weather, and we have our garden tour to do. I decide I will go and take back his tux, which is across town about 20 minutes. Julie goes with me as she wants to go to a Hobby Lobby. I look them up and find there is one near where I am going. After dropping off the tux, I find Hobby Lobby, but there are no cars outside. Closed on Sundays. Ten years ago, I would have been frustrated with my wife that she didn’t look up the hours first. Now I just accept that some things won’t change. Plus, I was going that way anyway. And it saves me from enduring a painful trip inside.

After a lunch of soup, we finally head out with Grace for the 2012 Atlanta Private Garden Tour, in which they give you a map and you drive from house to house looking at the gardens. The first couple homes are underwhelming in my opinion, but the third was an absolute doozy. Paths, paths, and more paths leading over bridges, up hills, through hedges, etc…..and this is only in the front yard! Unbelievable. Kept thinking about how cool it would be to play hide and seek at this house. I always marvel at how these people already have a fabulous home with awesome cars, and then they turn around and plunk hundreds of thousands in landscaping. We were at that house for almost an hour I bet, and it definitely had the longest line of cars. We didn’t catch all the homes, but we were out until about 4:30pm (ended at 5pm).

After we got home, it was off to church since we didn’t go in the morning and dinner at the inappropriately named Taco Mac. I got a side of the “Death” sauce for the chicken wings and it was quite delicious. Julie tried to assemble the family in to watch “The Way” tonight on Netflix, but Max bailed (surprise!) and Roman and Grace fell asleep. Mitchell was doing homework, though he should have finished that in the time we were out at the garden tour.

Packed day. In fact, the whole weekend FELT packed even when it wasn’t.


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