Haircut 100

I got my 100th haircut today! Just kidding. I have no idea what number haircut this would be in my lifetime, but it has to be more than 100.

I finally got the lawnmower returned today. It was more than $65, which was just the service fee. They also added another $25 in parts, one of which was “gas and oil.” Interesting how there was no gas in it when he went to start it for me to show it works. And here I thought they would replace the screw on the front plate that has been missing, and they did not. But what was most disturbing is that when I turn the mower on its side to look at the blade, gas leaks out from the filter area! It never did that before. Once again, I bring something in for service and it comes back in worse condition.

I am listening to my son play a computer game (addicted) behind me and he is making these heavy breathing noises while his phone keeps vibrating. Very irritating. Julie has been on the phone now for 2 hours with her sister Katy and still going strong. Since she is now behind closed doors, I suspect she is gossiping about some family member.


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