Homeschool Day at Six Flags

We couldn’t have timed it any better. We were at the front gate of Six Flags right when it opened for Homeschool Day: 10am. I took the day off so the four of us could go (Max and Mitchell had school). When we got inside the park, we saw someone we knew who was without his wife but had a lot of kids in tow. But we decided we were going it alone.

We first went on the log ride, and it had zero line pretty much. Cool. Then I actually got on the Daredevil Dive with Roman, and it had about a 25 minute wait. When we got off, Julie said the wait was at one hour. Nice. Fun ride. Very smooth.

As the day progressed, lines were much longer, but we had hit most of the good stuff early. We did the lunch this year, and it was done very efficiently. Grab your pre-made sandwich, a bag of chips, cookie, and apple and go sit down at a bunch of crowded benches. Again, Julie saw someone she knew as we were finishing lunch, but we didn’t stick around long to talk.

We waited in line a couple times so Roman could ride something no one else wanted to ride, like the Wheelie. It was at this time I learned the park was closing at 5pm. We were on target to get everything we wanted in, so no worries. We also bought another souvenir cup, which I did not realize had FREE (not $0.99) refills on the day of purchase. Sweet! Fill ‘er up.

Everything went pretty smooth, and we were home by 6pm. Julie and the kids still made Field Day, but I skipped out. Max went to a friend’s house and Mitchell had to go to a football scrimmage with the band. I got some time to myself, but as always, I have no idea where it went.


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