Around 11pm tonight, Julie and I started watching the National Geographic Geography Bee and I was hooked within minutes. Not sure why I never watched before. Absolutely amazing the knowledge these kids have of our planet. Even the easiest category (naming countries when provided the bordering countries) was too difficult for me. However, I think in a couple days or so I could learn this. But then it went to a whole new level, where they had to identify cities based on rainfall and climate. This might not be too difficult as well, if it weren’t for the fact that I had never even HEARD of half the cities they gave as choices. We never finished watching it, so I need to do that.

I think I may have been inspired to learn my geography. A few years back I bought a book and started reading it, but that fell through the cracks, just like every other learning endeavor I try.

Most of the kids were of Indian descent, so it was interesting to see one of them miss a question about India. All in all, not too many questions are missed.


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