Another Grill!

I wish I had kept count of how many grills we have owned since we got married, but this has to (at least) our 4th. I know we had a Char-Broil, a Fiesta, a Brinkmann, and today we bought another Char-Broil. We didn’t want to spend too much since they never seem to last, and I saw an ad for a pretty decent deal at Brandsmart. I hadn’t stepped foot in a Brandsmart in ages, and it looked like a store out of the past. First off, we were in the minority as far as racial groups go. Actually, I didn’t notice this with the shoppers, just the employees. In the end, we bought a different grill then the one advertised and I got another $10 taken off for opening a credit card. Probably a mistake as I have enough of those cards to track, but oh well. Not only that, but it took awhile to get the account opened. The kids also found some really cheap video games there, so we got them too.

Before going to Brandsmart, we went out to eat for Max’s birthday. He wanted Golden Corral instead of a Mongolian Grill like we proposed, so naturally Roman was eating dessert before I even started my meal. Sick of taking him to buffets. And at the end of our meal, Grace had a meltdown, saying she should get more cotton candy for the road, even though she had some already. I said one was enough, and she threw a fit. Why they even had cotton candy at a Golden Corral is beyond my comprehension.

Part of the deal of getting the grill was that Julie would have to put it together. She held to that promise, though while she was doing that I was ordering some books for the kids’ summer reading. There’s never a shortage of things to do around here.


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