Not So Sleepy Time

It seems that nap really messed me up. I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I may have fallen asleep for a short time, but I distinctly remember Julie checking her phone at 2am for the time and after that I couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up around 3am, starting reading, and finally tried going back to sleep at 4:30am. This time it worked.

While Julie waited down at the pool for the meet to start after a one hour rain delay, I took Max to TCBY for an interview tonight at 7pm. While he was there, I went into Kmart. The place was not hopping. They have about 12 lanes, and when I went to check out with my 3 items, they only had the one lane open. It seems everyone was checking out at the same time, and the line was 7 people deep. You don’t even get that at Walmart. Very sad. The only reason people would go there is to get in and out quickly. I put my stuff on a shelf and walked out. Turns out Max was in the store so I had to wait for him anyway to realize I had left. Short interview, but he got the job! Starts Saturday.

I treated Max to his choice: McDonald’s (surprise!). OK, I am officially done with that place. You can’t get the smell of it off you, no matter what you eat. I think I am going to shower before going to bed. Seriously.

They managed to make it all the way through the meet tonight. It was over around 11pm, and then we waited awhile for them to determine who won. Not sure how the other pools calculate it so fast. They need to figure it out. I STILL don’t know who won because Julie won’t tell me.


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