Car Trouble

As I was driving into work today, I came upon some blown tire in the middle of the highway. I was eager to change lanes and went right into a lane with more tire and hit it enough to do some damage. A plastic guard that is directly under and behind my front bumper came loose but I didn’t realize it until I got closer to work and was driving at a slower speed. It was scraping against the ground making a horrible sound. When I arrived at work, I tried to tuck it under the front bumper but it popped back out.

Joe, Ian, and I took my car to lunch and on the way back it was really dragging again. Joe took me down a road with a bunch of speed bumps and it was the perfect remedy. Kind of. I hit one just right and the ENTIRE plastic guard (rather than just one piece) came off the car and sat in the road. Luckily, no one was behind us and I went back to get it. I probably need to have this piece replaced, but no rush.


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