UGA Campus Visit

Julie, Max, and I drove out to the University of Georgia in Athens to do our first campus visit. After how it went, it may be the last. You would never have guessed we were there for Max. In fact, it got me more excited about going off to college than him.

We opted not to leave at 6:30 in the morning to try and take the 8:30 tour. Probably a wise decision considering Max’s somewhat indifference to being there. It would have been a much longer day to what already seemed like too long a day. We arrived around 10am (took about 90 minutes to get there) and stopped at the visitor center first. We then headed over to the info session at one of the halls. I thought the lady there did a great presentation. I was surprised at the quality of the dorms and the food offerings. Of course, that says nothing about academics. However, I was a bit stunned (and still am) by a slide she showed on the 2011 student profile. The AVERAGE student had a 3.63 GPA, took between 3-7 AP/Honors classes, and had somewhere between 1270-1440 (making this up….can’t recall) on the SAT. Maybe I am out of touch, but that seems pretty selective to me and somewhat high for an average. I must have heard her wrong. It seemed like Kansas State would let you in if you had a pulse. Plus, they have all these opportunities to study abroad, which I don’t recall at all in school.

We had about an hour between this session and the next session, which was information about the Honors program. We went to lunch just outside the campus in their little shopping area, which was historic and quite nice. We found a hibachi/sushi place that was very reasonably priced and quite delicious.

I got so lost in eating I almost forgot about the next session. We arrived a minute early, but it was if they had been talking for 5 minutes. We were the last people to arrive. This featured no slides….just a bearded grad student (or at least he looked like a student) talking. It appears that UGA really takes care of those in the Honors program, and I would definitely encourage Max to apply for this status should he choose to go here.

But walking on our self-guided tour afterwards, it didn’t seem like Max wanted to go anywhere. It felt like we were dragging him to this, which it shouldn’t be that way. I don’t know what next steps are, because I don’t want to plan a trip to a college 4 hours away if he isn’t in the least bit excited about it. This is an important decision, and something I didn’t take seriously enough when I was his age, nor had parents who cared enough about my education. Doubt my mom and dad will read this, but it’s true. Neither went to college when they graduated high school, and my dad got his degree after I was born (and I am the youngest of 3). Honestly, it would be great if Max finds where he wants to go in-state, because of the Hope (and Zell Miller) scholarship programs. But if he really wants to go to the University of Virginia (as an example) and can explain why, I want to help him get there. I know he says that he doesn’t want to go through his box of college mail because it’s one big advertisement for the schools, but he needs to start somewhere.


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