Party at the Mazzoni House

last night, in an unprecedented move, Mitchell invited six friends over to our house to play games, among other things. They all showed up and got to playing games, as he promised. But I immediately noticed that Roman was also partaking in the activities, and I felt like that wasn’t going to work. The other thing that wasn’t going to work was that, though this had been planned for about a week, no one bought ANY drinks. Since Julie was ordering pizza, I offered to go buy soda and pick up the pizza rather than have it delivered. After a ridiculous phone call with Domino’s discussing the price of the pizza (we had a buy one, get one card), it turned out Julie ordered from the WRONG Domino’s. The guy at the Domino’s I was at offered to remake all the pizzas for me in 10 minutes. “What happens to the ones at the other location?” I asked. “They will either throw it all away or eat it.” That got me wondering whether there was some regional contest to see which store had the least waste. Sabotage! Had I driven over to the other location, it would have taken me longer than waiting.

After pizza, the kids played outside on the trampoline. I was disappointed in the fact that we ordered 4 pizzas for everyone (including our kids) and we still had TWO whole pizzas left! Some people did not eat their fair share. I was also disappointed that I couldn’t get the jeans wearing Roman (now that it’s hot, he isn’t wearing shorts) to leave them alone. Julie said that Mitchell wasn’t complaining, but Mitchell is the type to complain big time AFTER the event is over. By this time, Grace was trying to hang out with them too. I called them both in and told them to play Mario Kart with me. Since when does Roman not want to play video games? He did play, but Grace went back outside to pick blueberries, and ended up not coming back. Always trying to trick (and annoy me).

The last kids were out the door by 10pm. Glad he’s finally getting together and playing with kids, rather than sit at this computer and play the online first-person shooter he plays every day. Like he did today.


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