Out for a Drive

Yesterday I took Max on his most daunting drive yet. I took him down Johnson Ferry and turned onto Riverside to get on the highway. While I am sure he thought the highway would be the biggest challenge, Riverside can be quite an experience. Whether you are going up or down, you are rarely going straight. I had to tell him a couple times to slow down or speed up, but otherwise he was all right. The highway wasn’t much trouble because we didn’t really have to switch lanes.

We essentially went in a circle, hoping on 285 West and then going 75 North to the South Marietta Parkway exit. I had him turn on Lower Roswell Rd to East Marietta library and that’s where we ran into trouble. Though I told him to turn left into the library, he started to turn right. As I kept yelling “left, left, LEFT”, he went to correct himself and almost got himself in an accident with the card behind us. The car behind us then did a huge butt-headed move by passing us on the LEFT, though that was the direction we were turning. Who knows…..perhaps Max had his right signal on.

As we left the library, once again I told him “turn right” and he immediately made a left. OK, I know the kids had trouble knowing left and right when they were young, but I never figured a kid who got a 2260 on his SAT would have trouble. With all that said, we made it home in one piece.

One disappointing thing that came about today was Max’s so-called “job”. It seems he never was hired. They had him come in at 8:30 in the morning and then again at 8:30 in the evening to meet the owner. Huh? No pay for any of this? Something doesn’t seem right.


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