Hopefully no more CPAP

I am in Harrisburg tonight, and the great thing about the PureSleep device is I can easily bring it with me. I believe there was a guy at the airport who was passing a CPAP device through security. What a pain. Anyway, it seems to be working.

Speaking of the airport, I made it to my gate today right before they started loading. Awesome timing. The flights went without a hitch, but the cab ride over to the hotel about made me sick. The cabbie’s car was desparately in need of a tune-up or something. Drove horribly. Then I come to find out they have a shuttle that goes all the way out to the airport. Didn’t think to check since the hotel was over 15 miles away. Darn. I actually got lost trying to find my room. Weird hotel, and it was a Radisson! I never really equated Radisson with “motel quality”, but my room has severely beat up doors and even a door that lead outside.

I am here for a meeting tomorrow and then it’s back to ATL. The funny thing is it’s probably hotter in the northeast than it is in Atlanta.


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