Roman is 12

Roman celebrates another birthday today. And while Grace’s birthday is tomorrow, we opened all gifts….except one more surprise I have for them. They got a lot of new games. That is, board games. One is called “Spot It”, which is very easy to learn. One I was really excited about is called “Timeline”. “Timeline” has a lot of different modules available, and the one we have is inventions. In the game, you have to correctly identify where your invention (you are dealt 4-5 cards at the beginning of the game) fits on a timeline. So the first card might be accordion, which was invented in 1829. You lay down your card either before or after this card, and then flip it to see if you are right. If you are wrong, you must draw a new card. First player to get rid of all his/her cards wins the game! Sounds easy, but it’s not. I imagine once I have all the cards memorized it will be.

Finally watched an episode of “United Stats of America” tonight. Not bad, but definitely not a “PG” show. Plenty of sexual suggestive jokes. Surprising for a show on the History Channel.


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