Here Come the Parents

First off, I had another hot dog today. Two in a week? Unheard of for me. It was at some place called HD1 (HD as in “hot dog”) and that was their specialty. Honestly, I just can’t buy into this concept. I wonder how long the hipsters will. I did like the music in there. Joe did not enjoy the hair he found in his. My hot dog was called “Fremont St.” (if this is some historic street in Atlanta, then OK) and it was made with diced tomato on top and garlic cream cheese. I really couldn’t taste anything special about the cream cheese and I would much rather have relish than tomato. All in all, I give the place a D+. I won’t be going back anytime soon…if at all.

The parents arrived in town today after their drive across the east coast. They have been on the road for awhile and will be staying here through Saturday. Tomorrow we will go see the play. Tonight, we dined! First we went to Marlow’s Tavern, found it too crowded, and went to Longhorn Steakhouse instead. That was probably a better choice anyway. Marlow’s has great food, but I don’t think it’s kid friendly for some reason.

We came back and played Timeline with Roman and then a game of Five Crowns, that didn’t go so well for the Roman and Mitchell (who joined later). Grace was very disobedient again tonight. Trying to figure out how she will be punished.


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