Prince of Egypt – On Stage!

 Last night was opening night for the kids’ production of “The Prince of Egypt”, which featured Mitchell as Ramses, Roman as Jethro, and Grace as….uhhhh… some street peasant. Actually, she did have a speaking role, but I am not sure if the character had a name.  All of them had to do double duty, as Roman also played a Roman guard and Mitchell was the Voice of God.  

The long and short of it is….this wasn’t as good as last year’s “The Princess Bride”, which was a lot of fun and had more characters.  In fact, it wasn’t nearly as good, as “The Princess Bride” was a fun story and this is not.  Plus, being a musical, it tested the strength of many of their singing voices.  Even when they were up to par, they were not loud enough to hear at times.  I also found out that Roman refused to move at all while singing, so he looks very statuesque at times, which is not a good thing.
But, my parents did get to attend and other than an occasional, “Hey, that’s Roman!” or “Hey, there’s Grace!”, they were relatively quiet throughout.  They enjoyed seeing their grand kids in a play and didn’t have the stigma of comparing it to last year’s play.  Max also brought Grace, and from what I remember, this play had a lot more people than the first showing of “The Princess Bride”, but I could be wrong.  I will probably be going tomorrow night as well, but not to the matinee show, which is at 11am! I’ll have to get some pictures to post, though they ask no flash photography during the play.
My parents said goodbye tonight and will be heading back to Florida tomorrow.  We will have to figure out some time to see them longer.  They did enjoy playing “Spot It” (my mom more than my dad), which I taught them tonight.  And we got in a half game of “Five Crowns”, which I was finally winning. 

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