Finally Hit the Pool

When it’s above 100 degrees, what better place is there to go than the pool?  After taking Max for a haircut (after he initially told me yesterday he wanted Julie to cut it), Grace and I went to the pool for an hour.  We forgot to bring towels, but not crucial because in this heat you dry off in 1 minute.  But Grace also didn’t wear anything on her feet, which was a mistake, as the ground was too hot.  While we were down there, I treated her to ice cream off the ice cream truck that came to the pool parking lot.  

Julie and the kids (minus Max) are at the cast party tonight. I skipped out after a disagreement we had last night.  I didn’t get much sleep and should be napping.  I started to take a nap, but then one of the kids woke me up to ask me if I was going.  Time always flies when I am alone, so probably no point in trying again.

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