Quietly Sat at Home

Ahhh, Sunday.  After having Julie’s cousin and family over at the house yesterday, it was a day to lie low.  But I never feel satisfied with days like this.  I need to occupy myself and keep my brain off work.

It started like any other Sunday: church first.  But we didn’t go to church until 11:30pm, and it was an all together different church.  Julie wanted to try Holy Family church, so we did.  A friend of hers goes there.  I felt like it was a church out of a different time period, particularly the 1970’s.  But it did have a cozy feel. Afterwards, I had some Sunny D and a piece of glazed donut (that tasted like a store bought donut).  Yum.
I then plopped down at the computer for what I thought would be one hour of catching up on e-mail.  Try 2 hours.  And then that was followed by an argument about tracking receipts.  Should I go to the pool?  Nah, I finished watching “Broadway Danny Rose”.  Then, as a family, we watched “Mission Impossible III.”  Sure, I had seen it before, but we’ve been on a “Mission Impossible” kick having recently watched the 1st one and the latest movie.  I can do without #2, which is just like watching a dog do #2 in the backyard.  
After I got the computer running again after Mitchell accidentally shut it down (and I believe it overheated), we took the dog on a walk. The weather cooled off a bit since it looked like it might rain, but it never did.  I then worked on cleaning up my work e-mail, but no momentum on any projects.
Now it’s almost time for night night.  I think I would rather we had guests over today.  Otherwise, I get a little preoccupied with what I should do rather than focus on what I am doing.  It’s a bad habit of mine.    I also feel guilty when the kids get plugged in and don’t think to do anything else.  I suggested we go see “Pirates: Band of Misfits” but of course everyone said they didn’t want to see it.  Maybe next time.

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