I’ll Give it 6 Months

It hasn’t been raining much, but every time it does, it rains pretty hard.  And every time it does, the grill cover seems to be left off the grill.  First off, the grill cover Brandsmart sold me is crap.  I don’t know why I trusted the employee to choose the correct size.  I just went with it and I believe it’s too small. 

Each time, we were guilty of leaving it off, but tonight it’s pouring and I know I put it on the grill.  Yet, I went outside and sure enough it’s in front of the grill, lying on the ground.  Did it blow off?  There’s no reason to take the cover as the tank is empty.  Did Grace pull it off while playing?  She’s been known to do worse.  I may never know, but at the rate things are going, I see us buying another new grill next season.  Sigh.

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