Casino Fun

Last night our company rented out the Le Maison Rouge room at Paris on Ponce in Atlanta and arranged quite a fun time for us employees.  Hats off the Fun Committee.  They brought in casino tables and had food catered.  When I arrived, I sat down at a table with Joe to play what I thought was going to be Blackjack.  After passing by people playing Craps and Roulette, I decided I wanted to start out simple.  What I didn’t realize was that I had sat down to play Texas Hold ‘Em.  So after looking at my two cards and then seeing the dealer lay down another 3, I was a bit surprised.  It had been years since I played Texas Hold ‘Em, but I quickly caught on.  In fact, I won the first hand.  It was downhill from there though.

After seeing that someone had either kicked over my beer or took it away, spilling it in the process, I decided to go get some food.  There was a pretty nice spread of macaroni and cheese (3 varieties, as in 3 cheeses) as well as some hors d’ouevres…..chicken on a stick, mini burgers, etc.  For dessert…..homemade twinkies, made with a variety of different types of cake….not just yellow.  And they didn’t taste processed.
I finally joined a blackjack table and found myself rolling in the money.  I then gave up my spot at this table, took a momentary break, and found a spot at a different table.  Then I kept losing, probably about $20,0000.
I should have pointed out this earlier, but it might be evident…..we were all playing with fake money.  What I didn’t realize until very late in the game was that the amount of money we had earned us raffle tickets.  We stated with $25K, and I ended at a little over $10K when it was over.  I probably would have racked up quite a bit had I stuck with blackjack, but I had more fun at the Texas Hold ‘Em table, even though my 2nd stint at the end was dreadful.  I couldn’t even score a pair.
I didn’t win any prizes, but Joe did – a $50 gift card to Whole Foods.  But he had about 6 raffle tickets and I had 2.  The best prizes were a Nook Color and some Braves tickets.   I only had two drinks (one beer, one wine), but it was enough for me to wake up with a headache at 5am.  Or was it because I stayed up late beating Julie at Words with Friends?  Don’t know.  
A lot of pictures were taken that night, so I am excited to see them. 

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