First Verizon Event

Yesterday we worked our first event at Verizon to raise money for the band.  It was at a “Crosby, Stills, & Nash concert.  It was an idea night for a concert, actually.  The weather was probably in the mid-80’s and no rain for once.  There was no opening act, and an intermission for them to catch a breath.  Crosby and Nash are 70 years old, while Stills is the young pup at 67.  I actually thought Stills might be the oldest.

We met up at the high school, but there was no one there to sign us in, so we drove over to the event and I went to the same parking as last year.  Apparently, that changed.  But we were able to find a lot to go to that was close to it.  Still, I rather park with everyone else because as we found out when we left, that lot was quite dark and spooky.
Not only did the lot change, but also the stand we worked.  Instead of being rather large and close to the stage, it was near the gate and quite small.  Considering the expected turnout that night, this was going to be easy.  And it was.  But like the old stand, it was still hard as heck to hear what the people were saying through the tiny hole in the glass.  I had to get them to put their heads down to the window.  
Earlier in the week, there was a mixup and Julie was slated to be in the Oasis working.  I knew she didn’t want that, and I wanted us to be together.  We worked it out, but they did end up pulling two people to go help out at the Oasis, which they call ELO (East Lower Oasis).  Whenever they say, “Who wants to go down to ELO?”  I want to answer “Hell yeah!  Love that band.”
The highlight was probably watching Mitchell and a classmate go talk to some demonstrators that had set up a couple tables near the gate.  They hung banners that said, “Stop Plutonium.”  Sounds good to me.
While Julie and I were taking a break at the start, we did get to hear some songs: “Carry On” and one other one that escapes me.  It actually sounded quite good.
Tomorrow Julie and Mitchell will be at “Last Summer on Earth” Tour, which sounds a bit nightmarish to me.  The lineup is Cracker (good), Big Head Todd & the Monsters (decent), Blues Traveler (meh), and Barenaked Ladies (yuck!).  It just hit me what Big Head Todd’s hit song was: “Bittersweet.”  Not bad.  I remember I had the album, but sold it.
Like yesterday, we had “the loom” today as well.  Since Max had to work at McDonald’s in the morning, we went to the Life Teen Mass.  Roman served, so he is finally off the hook.   Not a fan of that mass since it takes so long to start, but it does have more energy.

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