Another Kid Play

I was originally not planning to attend, but since I got home in time, I decided to attend a play that featured our next door neighbor’s child.  It was a put on by their church (specifically a summer camp group) and told the story of Jonah and the Whale as a western.  No joke.  Interesting concept, but again, we are talking grade schoolers.  

Today the extra cards for Chrononauts arrived and Roman and I played a couple games. It didn’t add much, but for only $5, it’s nice to have.
Speaking of $5, we went to Camezi’s Pizza again today and I spent a long time loading an app on my phone that would allow me to play a song on their jukebox.  It’s called TouchTunes and it’s really cool in that it also tells you which places nearby have a jukebox.  But at $1 a song, isn’t it time they not charge so much?  I bet they could get a lot more people to play songs at 25 cents a song.  As it is, I never see anyone use the jukebox anymore.  We were joking that the folks at TouchTunes were probably exstatic that I signed up.
Looks like Dave is off his Words with Friends hiatus as I got an invite from him to play.  Winning.

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