New Glasses Arrive

Yesterday when I got home I called the eye center to see if my new glasses came in yet.  I pretended that I might have received a call and told how my kids usually don’t pass on messages (which is true).  The receptionist checked and said they had not arrived.  Shucks.

Then at 11:40, I received an e-mail.  My glasses had arrived.  I had only called about 20 minutes ago.  Perhaps she made a mistake, but who cares?  It wasn’t like I made a wasted trip.  But one problem…..the e-mail said they closed at 11am.  I called anyway, and was told they were still open and would be until noon.  I told her I was on my way and got there with 5 minutes to spare.  The glasses were waiting for me.  After a few adjustments, I was out the door.
These new glasses certain are bolder.  As one person on Facebook described them, they seem to scream out: “Look at me people, I wear GLASSES!!”  I had a similar pair that were also tortoise shell colored, but the sides weren’t as thick.  And like my sunglasses, also made by Oakley, they do not wrap behind the ear.  They simply sit on top.  
They are making my ears hurt a bit., but I think I can learn to adjust.  The biggest issue is my peripheral vision.  The frame blocks it just a bit.  When I was working outside last night trimming the bushes, it felt like I was wearing goggles.  Like I said, these are glasses people!

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