Mini Golf Fun

Even though I didn’t get up until almost 11am (!), I decided I wanted to do something fun yesterday.  Max had to work, so I asked Roman and Grace if they wanted to go play mini-golf at Mountasia, a place we have never been.   They both said yes, and though I asked Mitchell, I had a feeling he would say “no.”  No worries, as I figured it would be easier to manage just them.

On the way over, they decided it was too hot for Mountasia and wanted to go to Monster Mini-Golf.  We had been there once before, and this time I was armed with not one but TWO coupons. And amazingly, they both came out of that coupon book we had to buy for track last year.  The whole thing came to a little more than $13.
It was slow going from the start, and so when we got held up at whole 4, I decided we should jump ahead to a different whole and settled on whole 8.  Once we were done with whole 17, we skipped back to 4 (which was STILL crowded) and then back to 18.  I probably rushed them a bit more than I should have, but I still had fun.  
We went to Burger King afterwards, though Wendy’s was our first choice.  I was astounded to find it was a drive thru only Wendy’s!  I had never seen one before.  Actually, you could order inside as well, you just couldn’t eat in there.  Boooooo.  No matter…..BK was delicious.  I still think the Whopper (I had a Whopper Jr.) is the BEST burger among fast food places and the kids LOVED the Coke freestyle machine.  We even went to order a bacon sundae, but the machine was down.  I told them we might possibly hit another on the way home.
After stops at Petsmart (where we met a cute chihuahua name Gary), Home Depot, and QT for gas, I made good on the promise and got them the sundae.  A fun time had by all.

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