Here Comes the Flood

What a downpour we got down in the city early in the evening.  Around 5pm it started raining and I should have taken off at that time.  By 6pm it had only gotten worse.  The people in the suite next to us said their offices were flooding and Warren noticed a leak coming through our roof as well.    By 6:15pm I decided it was time to hit the road as Julie said there was NO rain in Marietta.  Even though I had found a spot under the overhang in the front of our building after we got back from lunch, it didn’t matter.  I got in the car with Ian (who wanted me to take him to his car) and we both got our backs soaked.  Krog had a spot where the water level was kind of high, but I got through it.  The rain started to let up and by the time I got on the highway, everything was moving great.   I got home in about 45 minutes, even after stopping for gas.  

Poor Warren.  Not sure what time he left as he took his motorcycle to work.  Oops.

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