Last Time at Six Flags?

It was my 3rd time at Six Flags this year.  That’s one more time than Roman, who went with me about a week ago on a weekend.  Today didn’t even compare to that day; it was MUCH better.  Max, Mitchell, Grace (Max’s friend), and me arrived about 5 minutes before opening.  Perfect.  And we parked in the much closer lot, which was $5 less than the main lot!  

Of course, Max wanted to go off on his own from the start.  So Mitchell and I went in the other direction.  Our plan was to hit Thunder River FIRST by way of the Sky Buckets, but we made a stop at the Mine Train ride first.  We were in and off that ride in about 5 minutes.  No line. 
When we arrived at Thunder River, we found it wasn’t open yet.  We waited around a little while, but then climbed in the front seat of the Ninja and went back.  We were told it would not open for another 2 hours.
We rode several rides after that and the lines were pretty much nonexistent.  To get wet, we rode Splashwater Falls, which may be the first time I ever rode that at Six Flags.  We met up with Max and Grace for lunch and then saw “Illuminate.”  Decent show, but don’t see it unless you are near the front.  We were in the back row.  Being just two of us, I bet we could have found something closer.  
The lines got longer, but even Daredevil Drop was only 20 minutes.  And we rode in the front seat after several people chickened out.  Great ride!  
We met up with Max and Grace again by chance and I thought they would be ready to leave.  The park closed at 6pm and it was now about 4:30pm.  I wanted to do the log ride and then I was done.  But Max wanted to go to the bumper cars yet again and we were at the farthest point from that ride.  But we did.  And we ended up leaving around 6pm.
I was totally exhausted when we got home and went to the bed.  But I never got to take a nap because I kept hearing the dog barking.  Nevermind that 5 people were downstairs to tend to him.  Everyone claims they didn’t hear him!!  Crazy.  

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