A Night at the Mountain

Tonight, everyone (minus Max and Mitchell) went to Stone Mountain tonight to watch the laser show, which was the first time for us.  It seems that starting this week the laser show is only on weekends now.  And the crowd showed it.

We first went on a quick hike up the mountain.  We didn’t make it anywhere close to the top.  I’m not even sure we made it halfway.  The idea was to go long enough that it would allow us to get back and see the show.  
We were stunned by how full the parking lot was.  We had a long walk to the sitting area, and when we got there, we were even more astonished. I couldn’t see a spot on the lawn.  We walked around awhile and eventually found a really good seat.
The whole show was about 45 minutes long and was a montage of different thing, such as the music of Georgia, the different sports teams, a civil war montage, and my favorite, an animated video of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”
I dreaded having to try and get out of the park, but it was actually very easy.  Two traffic cops guided us right on to the highway and we were home free.  Not a problem at all.
Julie pointed out something interesting: there was no Jimmy Carter in any of it.  Yet we did get what appeared to e Barack Obama saluting the flag.  Since when does he do that?

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