Another Olympics Ends

I never feel like I get to watch much of the Olympics, but here I am watching the closing ceremony for nearly 2 hours now.  The musical groups have been very entertaining.  Who won the marathon?

I finally ordered Max a new cell phone while watching.  Considering his behavior on our trip, I don’t know why I bother.  I’ll take my time looking for a car.
Julie has been wanting to have lunch for some time down in Roswell.  I finally obliged.  Parking was terrible as usual.  If they improved parking, I MIGHT go there more often.  We ate at Salt Factory Pub, and spent more on a lunch then we may have ever spent….around $50.  However, we did order a $12 appetizer (that I could swear said $11 on their menu).  We ordered mussels, which is something I never think to order.  The sauce they were marinated in was excellent.  With all that food, I didn’t finish my entree: a grilled chicken sandwich.  And unfortunately, I didn’t discover I had  left it in the car until after getting back from taking Grace and Ellie to the pool, which was around 6:30pm.  Oops.

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