I can’t say I enjoyed today.

First, we woke up at 10:30am, and that may have had something to do with a night distraction I don’t want to get into detail about.  The only big plan I had was to take the car over and have a part replaced that fell off about a month ago.  It’s a plastic guard that fits under the front bumper.  On Friday, the parts department told me they would order one half of it, as they already had the other half in stock.  Talking about it in two parts already made me suspicious that it wasn’t the right part.
We arrived there around noon and I made a suggestion to the parts department to come out and take a look and make sure it’s the same piece as I could already tell it wasn’t right.  No movement on their part, but hey, they aren’t paid to be mechanic.  I paid for the parts and pulled into the service area.  It was very confusing as to where to go as there was no way in the bay to direct traffic.  I finally pulled into the empty lane and someone came out.  I must have told the guy 3 times I had just bought the part and needed it installed, but he wouldn’t take a look to see if it was the right piece either after I explicitly asked him to take a look.  What the hell?  By the way, this is Marietta Toyota and I won’t be going back there for anything.  I did have the oil changed and tires rotated.  More on that.
Julie and I went to an Indian buffet for lunch.  I am surprised she was up for it, though she said she probably wouldn’t do it again.  Indian food is only so-so in her book, and I guess the same goes for me.  But it was something different for a change.
We then looked at used cars at the Toyota lot next door.  I am still undecided as to whether to upgrade my ride or keep the Matrix and buy something for Max (and maybe eventually Mitchell, etc.) to drive.   We test drove a 2007 Camry and a 2004 Prius.  Camry was fine but nothing spectacular.  I liked the gray color more than anything.  I didn’t really like the Prius much at all.  Front dash was too long and looking out the back window revealed a giant divider across the glass and everything looked like it was vibrating.  I would take the Camry if I bought it, but the Prius I would give to Max to drive.
It was time for Julie to head back so we picked up my car only to find they didn’t replace the part because it was wrong.  How about that!  And the real part would cost $300 installed.  No way!  I was hacked.  I took the car and got out of there.
I stopped at another used dealer lot, and it was lame.  No pressure from sales, so I got out of there.  It was at that time I remembered I never returned the parts!  I did that, and then headed home.
We went to a 5pm showing of “Men in Black 3”, which I found surprisingly well done.  The movie was even comfortable for once, though I couldn’t figure out why with most of the row open that a couple would sit in the seat RIGHT next to me.  No space.  
The rest of the night was mostly shopping: new running shoes at Kohl’s and then to Walmart.  Kohl’s, once again, made a point to carry all BUT my size.  Walmart went rather smooth.  And why was I there?  Well, on my way home from getting my car I turned to the page where they check over your car and saw they marked in the “red column” my air filter and cabin air filter.  I didn’t even know I had a cabin air filter after 7 years.  So why did they never ask me if I wanted them changed out??  Bad service.  I found them both at Walmart and will do it tomorrow.

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