Long Night at Verizon

Tonight Mitchell and I worked the Linkin Park-Incubus (and though no one ever mentions them as they should, Mutemath) concert out at Verizon amphitheater. We had to be up at the school at 3:30, which was too early.  We also drove two guys with us that ended up working in a different location AND riding home with someone else.  I got to find out where the new parking was, and I wasn’t wild about it.  It was a beat up lot with tree stumps and a little scary when we left that evening.

I worked at a register that had no credit card reader, so I was constantly on the move.  As I suspected, the mostly younger crowd was not a tipping crowd, so I am not sure what earnings we will get.  Plus, it was a little slow at the start because it was raining so everyone took cover.  I served one lady that I should not have.  I say that because she was so drunk already that she was sticking her head through the window and had trouble counting her money and handling her purse.  One of my coworkers was warning people later not to serve her, so she was apparently not finished drinking.  Sad.  At $9 a beer, that’s even sadder.
My dinner consisted of two soft pretzels.  While I like Mutemath, what I heard of the other two bands was not impressive, especially Linkin Park.  Yet, that seemed to be the highlight for most people.  Funny how things work.

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