Earlier tonight I found out my son had been deleting stuff from the DVR that I had recorded because he was upset I deleted items he or my daughter recorded.  I informed him once again it’s because they never delete stuff after watching it, though he claims they do.  Yet, I reminded him of all the times I go through the DVR with them and ask, “Can I delete this?” “Yeah, we’re done with that.”  Responding the way he did is not acceptable.  Then it became a war of words and things got ugly.  Then he said he did it months ago, but not lately.  SOMEONE has done it lately, and my daughter claims it was not her either.  

After dinner, she got mad because I would not let her go to her friend’s house (though she has played with her most of the day) and complained to me for about 30 minutes.  I am worn out,and preseason football is not curing the blues.

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