College Visit….Kind Of

Tonight we went up to the school to listen to the high school counselor talk about applying for college.  I was absolutely stunned at how many parents were there without kids.  Stunned. And my son sat in the back and still acted like the kid that’s going to votech.  I don’t get it.

After the counselor spoke, reps from George Washington U, Syracuse, Emory, and Furman all answers questions and gave advice.  I was hoping to hear more about the schools.  Tomorrow we are going to something specifically about attending Boston College.  It might help if we all read something about the school prior.  
There was supposed to be a fantasy draft at the same time, but Bruce botched it up and now it’s tomorrow night at 8:30.  Since the season starts at the same time, I have no idea how that will work.
I test drove the Acura today over lunch.  I was a bit stunned that they did not have it ready to go and the sales guy was not there when I arrived.  It still had the flat.  So the it ended up costing me an additional half hour of time I didn’t have to spare.

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