Boston C

Tonight we went over to Marist and listened to a presentation on Boston College.  It sounds like a very unique opportunity, but Max didn’t take away the same impression.  But then, he didn’t go to Kansas State, or any college.  I keep trying to get him to realize this is a critical decision.  It’s not working, but I think he will come around.  Or I hope.

Surprised that I have not heard anything from the car dealership since my visit yesterday.  Very odd. 
Only a couple more days until AT&T is supposed to come out and install U-Verse.  And I still haven’t reviewed all the material.  It took me forever to figure out how to get registered to login and view a billing summary.  I don’t understand what future bills will look like after the promotion period is over, and I called to get help and the automated message made me late by one minute.  Just as they planned. 

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