Is This the Same Industry?

For the last couple weeks I have been looking to buy a car and believed I had found the one I wanted: a used 2003 Acura TL.  But before I get to that, I think back at the 4-5 lots I have been to and I don’t think a single salesperson offered me his card.  I have actually had to ask for one before I leave.  

So the dealership I have been to twice now, Jim Ellis Audi in Marietta, has been the worst of them, and unfortunately, the one that has the car I want.  When I first went to the dealer, the car had a flat and I wasn’t able to test drive the car.  I looked at a Jetta instead.  The car was never fixed after two days and I had to go back on a lunch break on a Monday.  I arrived at the dealer BEFORE the sales person and the car still wasn’t ready.  It cost me 30 minutes extra of time I didn’t have.
So today I was ready to pull the trigger but first wrote back their general manager, Kevin, and asked him to clear up some questions I had.  He actually wrote ME first, so I figured he would be open to fielding my concerns.  I wrote him yesterday at 11am and left a message for him around 5pm.  No reply.  Are my e-mails going to spam?  Don’t know, but that’s not my problem.  They need to check their spam. And surprisingly I never heard anything from my sales person, who I have met twice now and was never offered a card.
The window is closing on these guys.  I guess they are more concerned about selling brand new Audis, and I can understand that.  I am not going out on Sunday (NFL baby!) as I don’t want to ruin another day with their crap.  Next person to get an e-mail is Jim Ellis himself, and if it comes to that, I will probably write them off and start the whole process all over again.  Bleh.

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