Cross Country at Marist

This morning the boys didn’t run cross country until 10am and since it was at Marist, we decided to go.  It was great weather and though there was a parade going on in Marietta, we made it to the school in plenty of time.

Mitchell didn’t have his shoes and Julie drove him up to Pope before we had to leave, only to find the school was locked.  Even without his good running shoes, he did pretty well, only 30 seconds or so behind Max, who did cross country last year.
We missed my work function because it took us forever to get home (went home the parade route thinking it was over, which I think it was) and everyone was tired.  I returned yet another tie (returned a tie to Dillards yesterday), though I probably should have given it to Max in hindsight.  We also got the car washed and vacuumed, though they weren’t able to get the dog hair, which kind of defeated the purpose of getting it vacuumed.
Played online Ticket to Ride several times.  Need to finish this darn “MEG” book now.  

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