Late Start on Weekend

After work today I had to drive back to the dealership to give them the receipt for the new battery I had to get.  They immediately copied it.  So why couldn’t I have just faxed it?!?  I asked, and he said I would need to come in.  I think it was so they could shmooze with me.  Made no sense.  And when I asked about whether the oil had been changed, Sam told me yes.  But after he noticed there was no sticker like he thought and the oil seemed dirty, he changed the story and said, “Come back in 500 miles.”  Convenient.  To drive from work to there and then to the house told about 80 minutes.

I finished watching what I could on the DirecTV DVR.  Technically, I could probably still watch it once AT&T goes in, but I doubt I will.  I finished watching “Tabloid” and was less than impressed.  Not a good movie, though the reviews are spectacular.

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