Atlanta History Center

After taking the van in for ANOTHER recall and waiting for AT&T to do their install, we went to lunch and then to the Atlanta History Center for a Folk-Art Festival.  Lunch was OK, which was fitting, since we went to the OK Cafe.  It appears that this place must be some historic landmark.  There was a ton on people there.  We sat at a table that was too large for the four of us.  The waitress had an incredible southern drawl.  I couldn’t understand her at times.  But the menu…..I truly didn’t get it.  Seemed very limited, unappealing, and expensive!  The cheapest sandwich was about $8 for a place that resembled a diner.  Soft drinks were $3!  Ridiculous.  And there was no kids’ menu.  Lunch cost me $55 (including tip) for 4 of us.  I am glad I tried it, but next time I will just hit the Steak N’ Shake across the street.

We spent most of our time at the Atlanta History Center outdoors, check out the petting zoo, a guy acting as an old-time blacksmith, ladies cooking in an old kitchen with nothing but a fire and a pot, etc.  But it’s a very nice facility and I want to go back and check out the other exhibits.  I was too tired to spend much time reading about the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and Bobby Jones.  It was because I didn’t have a soda all day.  I asked Julie for a $1 to buy one as we were leaving and she declined to do it.  Bad move.
On our way to pick up the van, I stopped at a Shell station and got a soda for myself, and one for Julie as well.    Both drinks tasted awful.  Some flavoring was getting into the drinks and they tasted like medicine.  I had to throw them away and then go to the BP near my house.  All fountains are NOT created equal.

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