Big Football

I am cleaning up items around my desk while watching the undefeated Falcons take on the Chargers.  Later tonight it’s the Patriots vs. the Ravens.  That’s going to be huge.  A lot of upsets going down.  Chiefs beat Saints in New Orleans?  Vikings KILL the 49’ers?  I don’t care if it is in Minnesota.  In fact, that one cost me a loss in Survival Football.  Cincinnati beat Washington.  Titans beat Lions.  And Jets needed OT to beat the Dolphins, who apparently aren’t as bad as we thought.  Crazy day.

Went to the parish picnic as well today.  Pretty much the same as last year:  free burgers, hot dogs, soda, popcorn, cotton candy, a cupcake walk (I won one!), a “train” riding around the parking lot (which Julie got to ride with Roman), a band playing, etc.  Would have been more fun if I had remembered a hat for my head.  That’s two days in a row outside with no hat on my head.
Speaking of heads, Grace and Roman had their hair colored red and green respectively.  

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