And Yet Another Bummer Sunday

I tried.  I worked to change my indecision by doing things as I was watching the Panthers vs. Falcons game.  And I even stepped out to get gas and not worry about what I might be missing.  I tried to catch up on some old things that needed to be done, much like last night when I cleaned up e-mails and read through things I have been meaning to read for awhile now.  But it wasn’t enough to avoid the classic argument.  And it’s even raining to dampen the mood.

I went over to the gym and was so frustrated by everything and got even more perturbed when I couldn’t change any of the channels on the 6 TVs.  Not one was showing the Falcons game or ANYTHING NFL-related.  Instead, golf and NASCAR were one and there were only two people watching the TVs.  A guy there told me they never have the game on.  That’s going to have to change.

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